Colors, colors, colors (update: red, black, gray and brown)

Posted on Sep 1 2012 - 4:51am by Huzoor Bux

We sit coolly every possible new color variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 closely monitor, please note does Samsung itself coolly message out the door which at a stroke four to four yes – new color variants are introduced. Three of them were already on the radar – black, red, and since this morning, gray. Now it seems that there is a real brown Galaxy S3 is to come.

To complete the list have: soon so you can choose from Blue Pebble, Marble White, Sapphire Black, Garnet Red, Titanium Grey and Amber Brown.

Soon Samsung is a phenomenon in the high-end smartphone market that we only know the ouderwetste phones from years ago: a model in a full spectrum of colors available.

Besides the already deliverable Pebble Blue and White Marble, we expect a black and a red version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. And according to the latest information comes even a color: Titan Grey – a gray so!
According to reports, the Titan Grey S3 from week 37 – about two weeks – in stores, although not entirely clear in the shops of any country. We expect that the gray version, as soon as the black and red, for the same price will be for sale as the blue and white version.
What remains that pink Galaxy S3?