As was known Samsung’s S2 Galaxy last year the stunner of the year – on smartphone area. Although the unit in almost all areas ahead of the competition, there was a point when the Galaxy S2 only belonged to the gray mediocrity: the time that the device needed for a low battery to fully charge. Prior to the Galaxy S2 ie more than three and a half hours. The Samsung Galaxy S3 does this a bit better.
The big “fear” after the introduction of the Galaxy S3 was charging a lot would last longer. The battery of the Galaxy S3 is with a capacity of 2100 mAh which is a bit larger than that of the S2, with its 1650 mAh. You might expect the S3 more than four and a half hours would need to recharge. Fortunately, Samsung also require a significant step forward. So learn a glance at the technical information of the supplied charger to have a lot more powerful than that of the S2 (5v, 1.0A versus 5V, 0.7A).


The net result of all this: the Samsung S3 Galaxy has ‘only’ two hours to get from zero to one hundred percent to be charged. Obviously there are devices that load faster (like the Sony Xperia S), but given the proper battery capacity, we were pleasantly surprised about the loading speed of the Galaxy S3.
Charging time battery Samsung Galaxy S3 greatly improved , 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.