Charges your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on while cycling – bike prototype from Samsung

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 4:43pm by Huzoor Bux

Have you ever go out for a bike to make only to find that your phone is empty and there is no possibility to recharge before you get back home? Him back If this happens to you frequently then Samsung has the solution for you with this – but still in prototype form. The Koreans have joined forces namely beaten with Trek Bikes and a pretty unique bike prototype with a dock for your Galaxy Note 3 in the middle of the steering wheel.



And yes, he does exactly what you now think he does. By placing your Note 3 in the dock, you can charge the device by simply cycling. Of course there are many other gadgets built. Thus, the dock is not just a way to pump power into your device, but he has actually connect with the internal memory of your device. This means that the discs can display as the cyclist’s speed, acceleration, distance, etc. 3 relevant information during cycling, This is the bike in conjunction with Note 3 kind of cardio tracker. Of course it is also possible to turn so you never lost touch Google Maps.

The Samsung Bike is as mentioned earlier still in the prototype stage, that is, we will probably have to wait until the final design is actually in stores. Still a few months (years?) Nothing was said about the price or the countries where the bike will be sold.