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Earlier this week, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, revealed a large smartphone with a 5.25-inch 720p HD display, and specifications for a place in the middle segment of the market suggest. In the meantime the price of the device is known, as well as when he will arrive in stores.


The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 shows strong similarities in terms of hardware with the Galaxy S3, the top model of 2012, which is also still sold well. The Grand 2 features a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a five megapixel camera, 1.5 GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of eight megabytes. The latter can – as you would expect from a Samsung smartphone – be expanded through a microSD card.

Furthermore, the device plays borrow from the Galaxy Note 3 – the leatherette back is also present here, so we think we have this fingerprint free gimmick going to encounter other Galaxy devices more often.

Anyway, the Grand Galaxy 2 has been thus inherited a suggested retail price of 399 euros. The actual retail price will, as usual, a bit below come here to lie, so it will come at just above 300 euros shortly after the release vemoedelijk – indeed, a middle-class smartphone so. But one with a large screen, making it ideal for browsing or watching video.

Just before the weekend we were wondering whether the device to a cropped photo in fact the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 could be. And gosh, that is, according to the official unveiling of the device. Without any fanfare Samsung Galaxy made ​​two Grand tonight publicized. The device, which is the first Galaxy Grand will follow, is simply a Galaxy S3 with a bigger screen and the back cover of the Galaxy Note 3 – a real middle class so, but one with a large screen for anyone who likes his or her media mobile consumes. To be more precise:...

It looks like there is a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Grand – The Grand Galaxy 2 . Recently been under scrutiny by the Chinese authority TENAA communications, today we come to know that the device is used on the photo below for one or more European markets. The original Galaxy Grand was Samsung’s big-screen-for-little-money phone. The suspected Galaxy...