Bent or flexible screen for Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on Dec 30 2013 - 10:24am by Huzoor Bux

According to the  Korea Herald will the Samsung Galaxy S5 are not equipped with a flexible, or at least curved screen. For this, the required technology is still too much in its infancy.


In fact, this is quite an open door. Yes, since Samsung’s Galaxy Round is a screen with a curvature component of almost every galaxy S5 concept that is doing the rounds – and rightly so, because, of course, such a screen offers interesting design possibilities. But let’s face it: the likelihood that the S5 would effectively with such a screen on the market was always minimal.

The main reason for this – and the reason once again by the Korea Herald cited – is production. Samsung has simply not have the capacity to produce a flagship smartphone and Galaxy S5. Enough curved screens Of each component of this unit will be tens of millions. Manufactured reliably in a short time And although Samsung is one of the leaders in the field of curved screens, this is still not feasible.

And so was, is, and remains the chance that the Galaxy S5 a flat device is about 100%. However, there are one or more sets in Galaxy the pipeline that make use of the new display technology, but this will not be so-called “Flagship models are. And at this late vroegt will appear on the scene in 2014.

Slowly the picture of the Galaxy S5 piecemeal realistic. Long before a new attractive, high appears on the market, there is still much room for the wildest rumors. And if the launch is approaching – we could possibly end of February already acquainted with the S5 – shows the reality more stubborn than fantasy. And for the record, there’s nothing wrong with that. Which end devices with beautiful round curves that are well – but not yet within the next several months.