Batteries first Samsung Galaxy Note warranty to two years

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 6:24pm by Huzoor Bux

From South Korea dives messages on the first Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone in some cases suffer from a battery swells. Sounds familiar? Indeed, because not long ago we saw a similar problem with the Galaxy S4.


Of course there is a big difference between the battery swelling of the S4 and that of the first note: the batteries in a Galaxy S4 are only a maximum of six years old, while the first note is on the market for two years.

Now, two years no startling life for a smartphone battery – then it has many hundreds of charge cycles behind them, and replaced anyway – apart from bloating – not a bad idea. Swelling after a while is not a very startling phenomenon. On the other hand, the battery of our editorial Galaxy S2 is now even older, and despite capacity loss even as slim as before.

The solution of the problem with the Galaxy S4 was simple: a battery within half a year has this kind of cures is logically just under warranty. And now Samsung has in the Netherlands know that to replace the batteries of the first discs under warranty – two years after the purchase of the unit.

This means that users of the first hour period will fall outside the warranty – the first note appeared in week 44 in 2011 on the shelves – but most of those who now suffer from swollen battery that can not easily be replaced within the warranty .