Asphalt 7 Heat free on the Samsung Galaxy S

Posted on Sep 8 2012 - 10:21am by Huzoor Bux

Every now and then proposes Samsung cool free games available for owners of their end devices. And so we find one of the best racing games – Asphalt particle Seven: Heat – for nothing in Samsung’s own app store, Samsung Apps.

The Asphalt series is known for just about every conceivable computing platform imaginable, and particle seven came late July available for Android. It’s a beautiful game shows where the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is capable.
In the game you can choose from 60 different cars, where you really existing in 15 different cities around you racing. Of course you can simply choose on your own Galaxy S3 play, but you can also line up against five opponents.
As stated find Asphalt 7 in Samsung Apps on your phone, or HERE . And make sure you have a WiFi connection, because you have over 1000 MB of data download … but you get a very nice game for.