Application packages already in the App Store

Posted on Sep 20 2014 - 11:03am by Huzoor Bux
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Application packages already in the App Store

A series of new products and updates does not stop for the owners of devices from Apple. All of them don not have time to update their smartphones and tablets on iOS 8 as ripe update for Apple TV, even today some do get at the disposal of a brand new iPhone. This is the series of failed and past the App Store, which now can be bought through application packages.

About Packages applications in the App Store was told during his WWDC 2014 , but the function promised to run only after the iOS 8. Actually, launched when all have already forgotten what it is. But colleagues at BGR just reminded. But the essence is simple: developers can sell their applications pack of multiple programs that will cost the user less than if he buys each application separately.

The process of buying a package will not work with anyone who has ever made a purchase in the App Store. Application package can also be purchased as a gift, to share information about it, and do all that we can do with conventional applications inside the store. It is worth noting that if you already have at least one application of any package, it will cost you less.

Currently in the App Store there are three categories of application packages i.e. application packages, the packages of games and application and packages for children. View the contents of these categories can be using iTunes on OS X, as well as the iPhone or iPad to iOS iOS 7 and 8.