Apple’s New Flagship Smartphone Expected Sept. 2014

Posted on Nov 4 2013 - 2:24pm by Huzoor Bux

According to rumors from the tech industry, many expect Apple to embrace the emerging market for phablet sized smartphones that have been made popular by Samsung with its Galaxy Note lineup.


Apple has just launched the updates to its flagship lineup of smartphones, the iPhone 5S and new iPhone 5C. While these devices are still very much in high demand following their Sept. launch, rumors are already beginning to stir about the next installment in Apple’s inevitable iPhone 6 release.

Iphone 6 roumors

According to DailyMail, which cites a Japanese magazine says the iPhone 6 handset will measure 5-inches diagonally. This would make it much larger than the iPhone 5S screen and it would put Apple in directly acknowledged competition with Samsung and Google, two rivalries the company has been shy about copping to in the past.


The phone is also expected to launch about a year after its predecessor in September 2014, that means if you purchased an iPhone 5S since its launch, you’ve got plenty of time to sit at the top of the line.


Other rumors have speculated that the new device will be water and dust resistant like the Samsung Galaxy Active. The iPhone 5S took a big step toward branding itself as the most secure smartphone on the market, making it more durable would put Apple in a position to market itself as the working man’s phone.


Fans have also been clamoring for a 128GB model of the device for years, perhaps a larger display will come hand-in-hand with a larger storage capacity. Apple is encouraging people to keep more information on their iPhone these days, offering more storage space will prove the company’s commitment to being a staple in people’s lives and will give them a chance to keep 100 percent of their data on a finger-print scanner secure device.