Apple wants to prohibit S3 Samsung Galaxy in the U.S. (updated June 8)

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 4:56pm by Huzoor Bux

Updated June 8: Today, the American judge – Judge Koh – over the issue between Samsung and Apple will let you know that they have other things to do than constantly short-term to treat many claims from Apple.
In other words, if Apple insists that the Galaxy S3 is included in the same case already running against the Galaxy including Nexus, this will delay the thing for sure. Apple does not expect that there is time to bring the case to expand, but still fast enough to rule for the release of the Galaxy S3 in the U.S. to prevent. Well, Apple could open an entirely new business members, possibly even urgent. But then the company would commit the infringement Samsung S3 with the Galaxy on its patents independently of the other devices must argue. The ball is now back at Apple.
Incidentally, let Samsung know the planned release of the Galaxy S3 in the U.S. just to go ahead and not waiting to see how this case turns out.

Original Post:

Manmanman, the show must go on – so it seems, in the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple. So Apple has in the United States submitted a ask for the Samsung Galaxy S3 banned.
Last year, a similar lawsuit all the front pages of Dutch newspapers, after the company from Cupertino Galaxy S2 from the Dutch wanted to reach shelves. This party went not because the Dutch court ruled that – except for one detail that Samsung prompt changed through a software update – actually nothing was wrong.
In this case – that in fact the ongoing lawsuit against including the Galaxy Nexus is added – thinks Apple that the ‘Slide to unlock’ system of the Galaxy S3, as well as AutoComplete system for text entry is copied. An interesting detail is that Apple itself in the indictment indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S3 such a successful device is that the damage thus proportional to the company is doing great. Apple calls the Galaxy S3 ‘most frequently ordered piece of consumer electronics ever. Whether this is true, we dare not say – perhaps Apple wants the “danger” to further exaggerate the right to a quick decision moons.

We know that large companies have enough money to each other on as many fronts to make life miserable. But we could not suppress a deep sigh when reading this news. The charge has a bit of a tone in the spirit of “the greater the success of Samsung, the more we find that the Galaxy smartphones should be banned. Not long ago the U.S. court even admonished both parties to find a more collegial solution. This was so noticeable, to no avail.