Apple vs. Android: which one fares better?

Posted on Sep 17 2014 - 11:35am by Huzoor Bux

With the news of the latest iPhone model set to hit the shelves later this month, going head to head with the release of the Android One, the battle still rages on as to which is the better smartphone.

Apple vs. Android: which one fares better?

Ultimately however, it all boils down to the individual user. Whether you’re a photographer, gamer or anything else, there’s a smartphone for you – here’s a run down of which of the two competitors would suit you best.

For photography

Winner: Android

This is a tough one given the amount of technical specifications that a phone camera requires, from lighting to picture quality. Speed is also a huge factor however, particularly if you’re trying to capture an iconic, fleeting moment. This is where the Android Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in, which can focus on an object and take a snap in a lightning speed of 0.3 seconds. It’s got an extra three megapixels on its predecessor, the S4, with 16 megapixels in total. The previous model couldn’t quite match up to the iPhone 5S, but this time round, the Android wins the photography battle.

For security

Winner: Apple

With more and more people choosing to use their smartphones for online banking, shopping, personal emails and more, smartphone security is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. Indisputably, Apple’s operating system comes out on top. Studies show that hackers are far more likely to target the Android operating system than that of Apple, iOS.

Unfortunately for the Android, the system uses an ‘open’ approach, while Apple rigorously vets any new apps to hit the App Store before releasing them to customers. There’s no doubting that both types of phone can be vulnerable, but if you’re the kind of person who stores sensitive information or frequently makes financial transactions on your mobile, you might be advised to purchase an iPhone 5S, or wait until the highly anticipated iPhone 6 hits the shelves.

For gaming

Winner: tie

With online gaming sites proving more and more popular in recent times, it’s only fitting that today’s smartphones should be a gaming device as much as they are a communicative one. With this in mind, developers have come up with a multitude of design features that facilitate easy gaming, from crystal clear screens to high power CPUs for multi-tasking. This time, it’s a tie between both kinds of phones – in particular, the Android HTC One is made from aluminium, which makes for highly effective heat control, while its speakers and 5-inch display are second to none. However, the iPhone 5S has an unbeatable choice of apps, and is often the first system to give players access to the newest releases.