Apple TV will become the “center” of your smart home

Posted on Oct 9 2014 - 7:09am by Huzoor Bux

Will the Apple TV to become a hub for your “smart home” in the near future? It seems so. Apple is now testing support HomeKit for its set-top box, so that Apple TV will become permanently attached device that combines a variety of smart devices that support HomeKit .

Apple TV will become the center of your smart home

This feature Apple TV was discovered last month, but with the latest firmware update the device, it has got the support of Family Sharing and can now be used to test AirPlay and HomeKit with iOS-applications.

Therefore, we are nothing underrated set-top box from Apple. Already, it is popular with 20 million users worldwide. And at the moment it is the only unit of the whole “apple” line, which would be the “brain” for the smart home.

About opening windows, closing doors or turning off lights with your iPhone speech does not go, but would not be surprising if in the next couple of years, the opportunity to appear. Of course, not without the purchase of third-party accessories .

Probably not in vain Apple made ​​Apple TV in a separate category , and pays much attention to the console. Hub for smart home for $ 99 – what could be better?