Apple TV is losing ground to competitors

Posted on Jul 13 2014 - 11:24pm by Huzoor Bux

Any owner of Apple TV set-top box will tell you that not a bit sorry about buying. Given the cost of set-top boxes, regret, really, nothing. But more good little black box brings U.S. residents. On the territory of the United States can fully reveal its features that probably says more about the high sales on the domestic market. Nevertheless, sales of Apple TV in the U.S. high enough to beat the competition.

Apple TV is losing ground to competitors

According to the report Parker Associates, published on Gigaom, in 2013, sold about 3.8 million devices Roku, and the same Chromecast. For a device from Google, this statistic is particularly impressive given the fact that it came out in the second half of last year. But Apple has managed to sell 2 million of their consoles, and these figures can not be called bad, but nevertheless they are lower than the competition.

The report also provides data for the first quarter of 2014, which showed that not only sales growth consoles Roku, but that these devices are used more often than the Apple TV. But the use of indicators for this period Chromecast fall.

Previously Eddy Cue said that the production of Apple TV has long outgrown the concept of “hobby” turned into a billion-dollar business, and the company will develop this area. Apparently, the need to develop more active. It would not be so bad to see this fall worthy update consoles together with other devices welcome. Especially what we already know about some of the innovations .

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