Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on Sep 15 2012 - 6:54pm by Huzoor Bux

You could sit on waiting of course, and now Apple’s new generation iPhone – iPhone 5 – has unveiled we can ease the two major smartphones of 2012 next to each other in a brief comparison.



In fact, long been clear that 2012 was the year of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. All months back we wrote about the lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, and that in fact go on the distribution of high-end smart phone market in 2012 and 2013. Now that the iPhone 5 is unveiled – more than 4 months after the Galaxy S3 – we can finally look how the devices compare to each other. And if we keep in mind that Apple’s iPhone 4S was at a disadvantage compared to a device like the Galaxy S3, the central question: is Apple with the iPhone 5 that gap well, and put them back on Samsung backlog? This question we will answer below.



As far as design leans heavily on the iPhone 5’s predecessors, the iPhone 4 and 4S. However the iPhone 5 no longer includes a glass back, which is a very vulnerable part of the iPhone 4 and 4S was. The iPhone 5 so primarily of aluminum and glass (front), where the Galaxy S3 delivers a combination of poly-carbonate and glass.
The iPhone 5 is thin: 7.6 mm. This is the new iPhone a millimeter thinner than the Galaxy S3, but definitely not (like Apple itself during the presentation claimed) the ‘thinnest smartphone ever’: Motorola’s RAZR, or Oppo’s Finder are just a little flatter. But thin “he assured.

In fact does not change the ‘relationship’ between the iPhone and the Galaxy S3: the iPhone remains compact unit of the two, but this is the screen a lot smaller – as small as Samsung’s first Galaxy S to be exact . And vice versa: the Galaxy S3 offers a larger screen, while it also just a bit bigger.



The new iPhone is slightly elongated to accommodate the 4 inch display. Although the news on this larger screen for ages was known, it is a big step for Apple to its “ideal” screen size of 3.5 inches to say goodbye, and to go into service of the nations (read: a market apparently very much larger displays will). Of course the screen of the iPhone 5 is not nearly as large as the 4.8 inch screen of the Galaxy S3, and with a resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels, Apple’s new flagship is still no HD resolution – the Galaxy S3, this does with 1280 x 720 pixels. Apps should the future be adapted to the new screen, and old apps will center on the screen with black bars above and below – not a pretty solution, but the main apps only temporary. Well retains the iPhone 5 Apple’s famous high pixel density, which is still slightly higher than that of the Galaxy S3 (326 pixels per inch vs. 306 on the S3).



Although we have not with 100% certainty know which processor is the beating heart of all the iPhone 5, everything indicates that the Apple A6 processor in fact a dual core ARM Cortex A15 chip is – in many ways about comparable with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 where the U.S. is Galaxy S3. In the Netherlands, the Galaxy S3 naturally equipped with Samsung’s own quad core Exynos processor. Presumably both processors pretty evenly matched in performance – it is clear that both processors than enough ‘power’ to give the equipment running smoothly.

And where the Galaxy S3 some time the ‘crown’ of the iPhone 4S stall in graphics processing power, it is logical to assume that the iPhone 5 again just a slightly faster GPU will have the Galaxy S3.
All in all, both devices quickly, and it will be difficult to make a clear ‘winner’ to show – if needed at all, of course.



Apple iPhone 5 in their own words given a better camera than the iPhone 4S. At this moment it is still waiting for the first real test photos. Of the Galaxy S3, we know that this is very good photos in good light – and the 1080p HD videos are simply fantastic. Whether the iPhone 5 comes close to this remains to be seen – the unit may in any case less light performs better, as this is one of the few ‘weaker’ points of the Galaxy S3. Incidentally, both devices have a camera with an eight megapixel resolution, so in that respect they are well matched.

For the first time Apple has a panorama feature added to the camera software of the iPhone 5 – a very nice feature, as every Galaxy S3 user already knows.


Apple, like Samsung Galaxy S3, focused on extending the battery life of the iPhone 5. Practical tests will be required to find which device is least often on the charger will have – on paper, the iPhone 5 at least an excellent battery life, just like the Galaxy S3. The life of the Galaxy S3 is of course closely related to how you use your device – just like an iPhone.

Software: iOS vs Android / TouchWiz

It is a reflection of the software that we both devices find that we be reminded that it is totally different devices. The iPhone 5 coming soon with iOS 6 on the market: the sixth version of Apple’s mobile operating system familiar with – especially for the iPhone 5 – an extra row of icons to the larger screen to fill. But where Samsung Galaxy S3 with a number of creative software features brought – Smart Stay, such as – we miss such nice geinigheidjes in the iPhone 5. Indeed, even iOS 6 sticks to the basics that Apple for years does not change or refresh. Apple says: “It is perfect as it is.” So how nice widgets for Twitter, email, Facebook, calendar, weather, etc. etc. also work on the Galaxy S3, on the iPhone you will not find them. Well apps, but no information that you directly on the home screen is.

All in all, a comparison of Android with iOS comparing apples with pears. iOS is less flexible, and perhaps a little simpler to run – Android offers more options and possibilities, and is therefore sometimes slightly less clear, although Samsung this last point with its own TouchWiz interface on the Galaxy S3 has tackled well.

And so ..

Well, what shall we say? In hardware field devices are both matched. Apple has overtaken its backlog fine again – but seeks the Galaxy S3 absolutely not over. Indeed, there are already many devices on the market with a similar processor, screen size, and sharpness as the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 offers no significant advantages over the Galaxy S3 – and vice versa, at least if we ignore screen size. As we move namely in the area of personal preferences. Want a smaller screen in a compact device? Then find the iPhone 5 probably fine. Do you want a nice big screen in a less compact smart phone? Then, the Galaxy S3 is a lot bigger screen and a HD resolution. This is ultimately just a matter of taste as to whether you find finer iOS or Android.

It is clear that both devices in their own way the best offer that is on smart phone domain is for sale – neither plane is largely better than the other (unless you hold a big screen). Apple iPhone 5 with its backlog certainly good, but shoot the leader of the past few months not over.

At the bottom of this article you will find a number of specifications of both devices one by one.
The Apple iPhone 5 will be available in the Netherlands from 28 September – you can already register at, for example, Vodafone (HERE) . The Galaxy S3 is cheaper by now – below you will find the popular offers of the moment, and HERE you will find our extensive offer list.


Technical specifications

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