Apple forces the update to iOS 8

Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 9:27am by Huzoor Bux

Despite the fact that iOS 8 contains dozens of new features and capabilities, the new version of the mobile operating system from Apple was met with a very cool : one moment users simply stopped updated. Why? This stems from the numerous complaints about the constant bugs and hang iOS 8, ​​as well as its slow speed . And although there are problems not all users, this was not enough to form an overall negative impression.

Apple forces the update to iOS 8

It turns out that with the introduction of new features Apple at the same time limits the ability of the old version of its operating system – iOS 7. For example, if you use iCloud to synchronize their documents Pages, Numbers and Keynote , you have to disappoint you: with the release of iOS 8 This feature, unfortunately, was not available.

Due to the fact that Apple has finalized its “cloud” storage to iCloud Drive , many services no longer work with familiar to us all iCloud. As you may have guessed, this list came and sync apps from iWork package between the iPhone, iPad, Mac and browser version of iCloud.

When you try to synchronize a document with Mac Pages app for iOS issued just such a mistake. Wanted to start writing the text on the iPad, and then continue to do it on OS X? Forget it. At least until such time as you do not update to iOS 8.

Do not quite understand why Apple can not leave you to synchronize iWork documents with iCloud. It is likely that this kind of attempt to impose users to upgrade to iOS 8. Like, if you want to use your operating system to the maximum, be kind enough to install the latest software.