Apple finally escapes from Samsung to TSMC

Posted on Jul 15 2014 - 11:24pm by Huzoor Bux

For four years we have heard about the collaboration with Apple TSMC. With this Taiwanese company had kupertinovtsy reduce their dependence on Samsung and its production capacity, but this has not yet happened. The first time in a long time is information about an agreement between Apple and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company comes from more than a reliable source.

Apple finally escapes from Samsung to TSMC

Naturally, we are talking about the production of processors for iOS-devices. Last year, Samsung has already lost exclusive rights to produce chips for Apple, but there were doubts that TSMC will be able to fulfill the terms of the contract. According to Wall Street Journal, the Taiwanese company has already started to supply chips for a new generation of devices from Apple, which is likely to be called A8. Moreover, the report says about the arrangements for joint work on more advanced chips in 2015.

If the information is true, and the reasons not to trust the Wall Street Journal reported very little, Apple finally gets the opportunity to distance themselves from Samsung. Even if TSMC can not cover all the orders, their cooperation with Apple will at least help in the negotiations on the cost of supplies.

Another part of the message WSJ relates directly to the production of processors. According to it, for the chips to be used A8 manufacturing process 20 nm in comparison with 28-nm process for A7. The following year, the company wants to run a 16-nm technology. From the processor A8, which we are likely to see in iPhone 6 , expect not only increased computing power, but also greater efficiency. At the moment, that’s all that was known.