Apple failed to Manage iPhone 5’s Expectations?

Posted on Oct 5 2011 - 5:55am by Huzoor Bux

Since 2010, we’ve endured a near-daily slew of rumors about a gadget called the iPhone 5. When Apple Extends its release date of a new phone until Fall 2011, it only heightened expectations. Surely, if we were to wait more than the usual year between versions of the iPhone, the result must be something impressive.

At the last minute, we found that what the company was making all along was the iPhone 4S a robus, inteligent, world phone upgrade to the iPhone 4. It’s on more carriers. It has a better camera and supposedly great voice recognition. But it is, merely an iPhone 4 with more advanced innards. This isn’t the new, symbolic, must have device that a redesigned iPhone 5 would have been. (Which also means that Apple just lost a lot of potential iPhone 4 upgraders. Why buy the upgrade if no one can tell the difference?)