Android 5 is coming, but Android 4 what happened?

Posted on May 26 2012 - 11:24am by Huzoor Bux
Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile Google

Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile Google

May come in summer or even earlier. Version 5 of Google’s mobile operating system at home, code-named Jelly Bean, could displace all of them and relegate its predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich, an unfortunate cameo appearance. Worse than it did in his time with Microsoft Windows Me or Windows Vista with the only difference is that Android is worth 4, and how.

Made available in November 2011, Ice Cream Sandwich has gone about unnoticed: four months after launch runs on less than 1% of Android devices now in circulation.

Many of the major smart phone manufacturers do not support it. The update on key products is slow in coming. For some devices, such as the Galaxy and Galaxy SII Notes from Samsung is about (maybe) in March. For even more unlucky owners of LG in September 2012.

And this is a sin rules, because I feel for months on new Galaxy and Nexus is truly a momentous leap over its predecessors, which makes you forget the iPhone and iPhone OS.

The delay in the Ice Cream Sandwich is intolerable in a market changing so quickly. Google should force manufacturers to force their roadmaps and encourage the diffusion of innovation software compatible with time to market.

Manufacturers often spend unnecessary energy to distort the original Android user experience, adapting over a proprietary UI, to stand out in some way from other competitors. The times are getting longer and so updates are slow to arrive.

So much so that Andy Rubin will present Android 5.0 at the Google I / O 2012 conference scheduled for late June. By then the numbers of the spread of Android 4 will not be larger than the present.

Too bad for Ice Cream Sandwich. A wasted opportunity. I just hope for Jelly Bean is not the same.