And we have S3: what do we do?

Posted on May 4 2012 - 4:36am by Huzoor Bux

Quad core Exynos is certainly a beast of a processor, and we look forward to the first benchmark tests. But the device has a similar processor we already knew quite long.

If there is something surprising, it was rather that the Super AMOLED screen no ‘Plus’ behind the name it bears, and contrary to the expectations called Pentile and no RGB sub-pixel matrix. While some responses may seem to be somewhat disappointed, it’s worth a little wait. Ultimately, we are dealing with a screen with a very high pixel density, and we have every reason to believe that the screen will prove worthwhile.

It is clear that Samsung has done a lot of effort to correct the user experience a big boost. Time will tell whether all new applications and capabilities really come into their own on the Galaxy S3.

The same goes for the camera: an eight-megapixel type, but as we already knew to be reported with new parts. The new features also offer a nice array of features – but real tests here will have to show what the real qualities of his there.

We here at at least the next time any part, every feature comprehensive discuss, so you – by the time the unit about three weeks in stores – exactly what the device can be, and how. We will keep you informed of the purchasing options and prices, the coming days will be obvious.

And finally: the release date of May 29 means that the day is that we have a winner / winner sting out our Facebook and Google+ followers. Yes – you too can still join our Galaxy Samsung S3 raffle. More information can be found HERE .