And more rumors: improved HTC M8 camera interchangeable lens

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 7:27am by Huzoor Bux


Although the CES heaped underway, the rumors about the HTC M8 will still trickle. This time, we may market analyst Wilson Miao (Forbes) thankful for bringing to light of news about the potential new camera on the HTC M8. According to the best man, the HTC M8 (code name for the next flagship HTC and therefore the successor to the HTC One) will get a big camera upgrade in the form of interchangeable lenses. Miao says da for the M8 different camera lenses will be delivered. One lens is better for photography in places with lots of light while the other is designed for low light conditions. The latter is to ensure that you can make without using your flash even in the evening or at parties still ‘decent’ photos and with significantly less noise on your dark photos.

So far we have received very little to hear about the camera on the M8. The only rumor that has come over the M8 is that – like the HTC One – Ultra Pixel camera will get, but of course an improved version compared to the current generation. According to Miao these new lenses stunt is to ensure that once again HTC has something unique to be able boxes against both Samsung and Apple. During the next flagship war We still expect the HTC M8 sometime in February of this will be made known by the Taiwanese.

(Via: Forbes )