After the watch glasses: Samsung Galaxy Gear Glass drawings emerge

Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 10:00am by Huzoor Bux

More and more technology giants seem to think that the future of the mobile phone is portable – in the sense of wearable. There’s been a lot to do around smart watches , and Google tinkering for a while to Glass : indeed, glasses. Samsung Samsung would not be if they would explore, this last direction and thus emerges now a patent application on Samsung, for glasses.



Like Google’s Glass is Samsung’s own version with a slim glasses – as seen – built-in headphones (? through bone conduction), a camera, some controls, and of course a projector to project information to the eye of the user. Samsung’s glasses have a cable with microUSB connection, which you can plug it in your smartphone – although the chances we consider that this cable will disappear at a later stage.


If we take the Galaxy Gear as a starting point, it does seem logical that these glasses – Glass Gear possible so called – was initially conceived as an accessory to a smartphone, and not as a stand-alone device.

All in all, our favorite gadget-gossip-Rus Eldar Murtazin once again have been right in his prediction that Samsung is on the same path to go as Google.


When we actually will find in stores such South Korean glasses is hard to say – if we still need to squeeze out a prediction seems ‘during 2014’ is safe. Finally, Google will bring her glasses to consumers next year and Samsung knew they would not be far behind. On the other hand, the Galaxy Gear that sometimes it can not hurt to leave, and only bring it to the man or woman a little longer product in the laboratory when it is really ready to develop.