After iPhone, It’s Time for Samsung To Introduce 3D Touch Display In Galaxy S7

Posted on Oct 16 2015 - 9:33am by Huzoor Bux

The advancements in technology are creating a lot of changes to the Smartphones that we use these days. No one would have imagined a few years ago that they could use their mobile phones as a personal computer on the go. What started a simple communication device is now an advanced device that allows you to carry out the video calls, chat with your friends all over the world and also watch movies, listen to songs and browse the internet. As the technology advances, the design of the phone and the features that phones offer has also received a big boost.

After iPhone, It's Time for Samsung To Introduce 3D Touch Display In Galaxy S7

New 3D Touch Technology

The latest feature to be introduced in a Smartphone is the 3D technology. After Apple introduced the 3D touch screen technology in its latest iPhone 6S and 6S plus, now it is time for an Android device to support a 3D screen technology. The ClearForce pressure sensitive touch technology was revealed by Synaptics only last week as a new touch solution for smartphones. This means that many of the flagship Android based handsets will be coming out with the 3D pressure sensitive touch technology in the coming months. There are reports coming through that flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 model will be coming out with a 3D touch display that will be sensitive to pressure touch. This report is coming from China through Weibo website.

Weibo Report    

The Weibo report from China claims that the Korean electronics giant, Samsung, has entered into a partnership with Synaptics to introduce the ClearForce technology in its smartphones. The online post also shows a text image written in the Chinese language that outlines the list of the hardware of this new pressure sensitive 3D technology that will be used by Samsung.

What Synaptics Says?

The ClearForce 3D touch technology will change the way people use the flagship Smartphone models. The technology will give the Smartphone users an easy and new way of using their phone. The Smartphone manufacturers making use of the ClearForce technology can introduce new interfaces that will help users to perform certain tasks on their phone, making use of the force touch using a stylus or their fingers.

Zooming of images, speed scrolling of web pages, editing photos, etc. using forced screen touches will soon become a reality in the near future. Synaptics has plans to introduce the new ClearForce technology on the force enabled Smartphones at the beginning of 2016.

Apple To Lose Its Domination 

Apple was the first company to introduce the pressure sensitive displays in its all new iPhone 6S and 6S plus phones. With Synaptics announcement about the new Clear Force 3D touch technology to be incorporated in flagship Android devices, Apple will soon lose its monopoly of the pressure sensitive displays. Like the 3D touch on Apple iPhone 6S, the ClearForce technology will also respond to the various levels of pressure that you put on your phone’s screen to activate certain functions.

Samsung will be the first company to try out the ClearForce technology in its new Galaxy S7 phone that it will release by the first quarter of 2016. The success of this new Synaptics technology will depend on how Samsung uses this technology in its phone. There is no doubt that different Android phone manufacturers will be using this technology differently on their flagship models.

More Options For Smartphone Users

There is no denying that Huawei was the first to reveal the pressure sensitive technology Force Touch on its Mate S Smartphones at the IFA. But, Apple has been able to draw the attention of the world by bringing out the 3D touch screen feature on its new iPhone 6S and 6S plus that it launched last month. The move to introduce pressure sensitive displays in other smartphones would surely have stemmed after the use of this technology by Apple in its latest iPhone 6S series. The 3D touch gives the iPhone the options to easily trigger actions for a long press and a quick tap.

Google will have to now make use of the pressure sensitive touch technology in its Android versions, so that there is consistency among various Android devices. Samsung is known to introduce new technologies through the Galaxy flagship models and this time it would be the ClearForce technology on the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.