A round of reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on May 27 2012 - 10:07am by Huzoor Bux

The deadlines have passed, the big tech blogs are now allowed to complete their reviews of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 publishing. No sooner said than done: about simultaneously were the reviews of The Verge, Engadget and CNET online. We make a round, what impressions, conclusions, and to gather facts. For the record, we write about performance but little below – we believe that now. Of course the Galaxy S3 the fastest smart phone on the market. But it is time for other details under the microscope.

The whole

To start with the door down to business: all reviews are very positive – they seem almost surprised at how well the device actually is. As we also before described, with the Galaxy S3 Samsung is less overwhelming in all specifications, and more on a device that simply is complete, and well do what it should do. And, if we are to believe the reviews: does the Galaxy S3. This of course does not mean that the S3 is indeed a piece of advanced mobile technology. But what makes the unit is not the impressive benchmarks, and metaled gently on paper. All the technology is in service of the function as a smart phone – or, as Engadget puts it:

“The best thing about the Galaxy S III? That it’s more than the sum of its parts. “(Engadget)

Loosely translated: the best of the Galaxy S3 is that the device is more than the sum of its parts. It is not the only, and certainly not the first quad-core smart phone on the market, but the unit where the power is used optimally so that the device under all circumstances as smooth to work.


The exterior: screen design and

The screen is also not a frontier type. But it’s more than fine, and the improvements Samsung has made – such as, compared to the Super HD AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Nexus or the Note – are significant. The color reproduction is surprisingly natural, and the image seems almost to float on the device. The image on the S3 is razor-sharp – but not sharper than that of comparable devices.

“At times, as you tilt the phone away from you, the screen looks almost unreal – as if it’s been printed on the surface of the phone. Ston King stuff. “(CNET)

Looking at the rest of the unit are the bigger surprises. How tempting it seems to end that unfortunately Samsung has decided to simply another ‘plastic phone “to a cheap’ feel ‘: the reviews are unanimously agreed that the unit feels extremely comfortable, has excellent build quality features, and despite the glossy finish is actually an almost luxurious feel left by users.

“In Spite of its size, the Galaxy S III has better ergonomics than many smaller phones.” (The Verge)

Of course, the device is one step higher compared to the Galaxy but also not small S2 – but it is just the design, with rounded shapes, which ensures that the device comfortably in the hand. The use polycarbonate for the rear feels the Galaxy S3 not too smooth, and offers plenty of grip.



The camera is another point. On paper it seems little startling: just another eight megapixel camera, as we already have seen much in smartphones. But the combination of quality, software and processing power – read: speed – make sure that the Galaxy S3 simply the best smart phone camera now available. Only in low light is the camera of the HTC One X bit better, but to give enough light photos taken with the Galaxy S3 much more detail – as well as Full HD 1080p video – it really can be called no contest.

“Everyone promises a better camera, Samsung actually deli fresh.” (The Verge)

In other words, although it can not be seen on paper, it is practical at the result is better than you on the basis of the data itself might be expected.
(Photos below from CNET)



Disagreement between the reviews happens, particularly when talking about the software. The Verge Nature calls the new TouchWiz UX interface that is least harmful to the Android 4.0 experience, while still a preference CNET seems to hold such as, HTC’s Sense interface. To make things clearer, Engadget claims about the exact opposite of The Verge.

“Tocco, Particularly in this latest iteration, is the only Android OEM Skin That I feel I can live with over the long-term.” (The Verge)

What concerns us is the software on a phone today what is most a matter of taste remains. Would you like options, settings? Whether you want simple, clear, easy? Would you endlessly polished with frills? Or do you just dry, taut and unadorned? Argue about tastes, there is – as the saying goes – no.

TouchWiz on the Galaxy S3 provides a more consistent experience than, say TouchWiz on the Galaxy S2. Still it is an interface that you can make as complex as you want, and for some functions you might need to look around noses. In other words: the Galaxy S3 does not fully self-pointing experience. In return you get a device that – as we expect from Android – endless opportunities, while always as smooth as butter to use.

“TouchWiz may still have its illegalities, but it’s been cleaned up and streamlined sufficiently to make it an adequate alternative to Google’s stock experience.” (The Verge)

Striking is the speed of the internet browser. Tests showed this already faster than other smartphones, and in practice is browsing the Galaxy S3 a delight – the combination of the huge sharp screen and speed make this.


Last but not least in the series ‘main points of the Samsung Galaxy S3’ is of course the battery. To the huge screen and fast processor powering Samsung has a large – and quite unique in 2012: interchangeable – battery tucked. Early tests have seemed to show that the practical result – a longer life of your battery charge – is noticeable.
Engadget notes delicately that they were afraid that the high expectations fail to come – but that this is indeed happening. Also a day of intensive use their test sample was filled without any problems. The Verge confirmed that the phone’s battery at ‘medium’ use on his slippers a full day spans.

“The GS III survived a whole day under extremely intensive use, Including That juice benchmarks running a ton of energy.” (Engadget)


In fact, all revies agree: the Samsung Galaxy S3 is on paper is not the knock-out competition which many had expected. But if you go to work the device, Samsung appears to have done so much good that the S3 is indeed just the smartphone is now. The build quality is very good, the phone feels very comfortable and does show a very solid impression.

“There are very few phones That come close to matching Apple’s premium, luxurious feel, but with the S3, Samsung has closer than anyone.” (CNET)

Add to this the fantastic camera, long battery life, smooth interface, and a number of tricks that use just a little more enjoyable, and you have a plane that almost all areas a bit better than ‘the rest’. And although Samsung’s technological edge is not as big as last year, making the Koreans with the Galaxy S3 is clearly still be King in Android land.

“My general impression of Samsung’s new flagship That is the closer your scrutinize this phone, the more impressive it Becomes.” (The Verge)