A 4.8 inch screen the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Posted on May 1 2012 - 10:28am by Huzoor Bux

Amazing how 0.2 inches – or even 0.15 inch – the rumor mill around Samsung Galaxy S3 can keep going. After rumors that the S3 will have a 4.8 inch screen were credible rumors of a device with a 4.6 or 4.65 inch diagonal. We are concerned, well, nothing to do, especially if it was indeed a Super Plus HD AMBLED screen goes – or something similar with RGB sublimely matrix.

But now emerges the same device that we saw again last week – with a ruler! Ideally, of course, if you want to measure sizes. But why then such a blur – a ruler who is crooked in addition – to be made remains to us a bit of a mystery. However, we are at the peak of the Galaxy S3 rumors fever, so we go for it together with Pythagoras.

If the screen as about to see, indeed, about 10.5 inches high, and an aspect ratio of 16:9 should be about 5.9 centimeters wide. In combination with some high school math yields a diagonal on a centimeter or 12 – indeed, about 4.8 inches.
However, the picture is so unclear, and the ruler next to the phone so casually flung that we can best imagine what to cheat until we have proven that the Galaxy S3 has a 4.65 inch screen.
Fortunately it does not take long to Thursday ….