8 reasons to hate Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on Jul 17 2014 - 11:32pm by Huzoor Bux

Samsung Galaxy S5 and only do that praise. In particular, for his excellent camera . Sometimes say that the plastic case of the smartphone-dream does not cause warm emotions. But it so happened that one of the users of this phone counted it as much as eight features of the hated device.

8 reasons to hate Samsung Galaxy S5

Browser resource Phandroid Chris Chavez (Chris Chavez) writes that his mother often told him that he would never find the perfect woman, just perfect for him personally. So he began his sad story about the Galaxy S5. Since Android is now at the peak of its popularity, manufacturers are paying a lot of time ensuring that customize it. These modified versions of the operating system like not everyone. For the week of ownership Samsung Galaxy S5 Chris Chavez came to the conclusion that this smartphone – not for him.

He wanted and tried to “make friends” with him. Friends and family warned him that buying Galaxy S5 turn disappointment, but he did not listen to their advice and still bought the phone. Why he went against all advice? He was attracted by two features of this device: SAMOLED-display and ISOCELL-camera with high resolution.

And convincing yourself that TouchWiz is not so unpleasant superstructure as before, he made the mistake of buying this phone. And it counted as many as eight deficiencies that he did not just do not like. Chris hates them!

1. Delays TouchWiz

Chris considers himself a man patient. But his patience applies to children and animals. With respect to electronics, he is not inclined to patience. As it had HTC One (M7), Nexus 5 and LG G2, he used to lack delays.

Its annoying is the fact that the smartphone, which is based on the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and highly optimized operating system Android KitKat, still produces delay.

On waking the phone from sleep mode you have to wait until a keyboard. And this is just one example. Delay for delay, and Chris is not ready to accept them. In the night he dreamed nightmares that the phone gives more and more delays, and he woke up in a cold sweat.

But then the question arises: Is the delay in 0.8 seconds so upset capable person? Of course not! But no no pleasure to pay huge money for the phone behaves so unworthy of its premium positioning manner.

2. Limited amount of internal storage

Galaxy S5 Storage

The ability to insert a memory card is very attractive. Provided that the application supports external drive. Whether so many applications, not counting the games that can be moved to the memory card? Rutirovaniya without fail, and Smartphone rutirovat not recommended . You can have a 128-gigabyte microSD card on your smartphone, but 16 gigabytes of built-in storage and remain sixteen gigabytes.

3. Excessive sensitivity of the touch screen

It is impossible, of course, to say that the display Galaxy S5 does not react to touch. Rather, it is too sensitive. Yes, at first glance, do not understand the cause of discontent. But when Chris slowly entering text with the keyboard, the phone recognizes it as a touch long press. And he was not going to do.

And these modern contactless “air” gestures «Air gesture». This means that the phone can recognize depression, even if you wear gloves. Sounds attractive? But causes confusion when using the device. Fortunately, this “contactless misunderstanding” can be disabled. Chris did just that from the very first day of use of his new smartphone and said it was “a great idea, which would be better and to remain on paper.” But even with reduced proximity gestures screen Galaxy S5 remains overly sensitive.

4. Perehvalili camera?

Yes, the camera Galaxy S5 gorgeous! That is – that is … if you shoot a nice day. But the problem is the camera in a slightly different plane. If you shoot indoors or on a cloudy day or in the romantic, that is dimly lit restaurant, the pictures are … almost can not be obtained.

5. S Emoji Emoticons

Galaxy S5 Emoticons

Emoticons support throughout the operating system in KitKat – a great new feature, but look at what this has done Samsung! Most frightening smile, known by the users iPhone. And why the user can not do anything to do with it, even change them? Why those emoticons that are present by default in Android, was not enough?

6. Chrome bezel

On this issue, Chris is ready to accept the fact that it is a matter of taste. It feeds to chromium disgust. And do not want to see it in its electronics. When he looks at chrome rim smartphone, then remember those ideas about the future, which existed in the fifties of the last century. Sample truly modern design Chris believes smartphone HTC One M8.

Chrome bezel reminds his lips, from which protrudes phone screen. In this case deserves the highest praise for their Nexus 4 beveled bezel. And something like that is implemented in the HTC Sensation.

7. Plug USB-port and no wireless charging

Prior to USB 3.1 has become the new standard, USB-cable was difficult to insert into the slot smartphone. Required to concentrate and think about how to do it correctly. Even if it annoyed every time you need to remove the plastic plug from the port especially do not have to consider convenience. Everyone understands why it is needed. To ensure compliance with the requirements of the certificate Galaxy S5 dust watertightness IP67. All this is true, but do not use the phone becomes easier to understand the reasons why the designers went to such a move. People with short nails difficult to remove this plug.

It is a pity that Samsung has not provided wireless charging their flagship smartphone. Yes, of course, you can spend another $ 30 and order it directly from Samsung. But why is it there is no standard number?

8. Button Home, fingerprint scanning

When Apple has integrated fingerprint reader to your iPhone 5S, this feature has been implemented well. Function provides a medium level of security. The user can click on the button as usual. But on the phone home screen only when its empty fingerprint. This, of course, not full protection, but protects them from the fact that someone would phone spy.

But in the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner button is Home. It would seem that everything is fine! But the application of function causes difficulties. You have to make a sliding motion on the button with your finger, not just press it. Chris wonders what such complexity?

As a result, every time you need to unlock your phone, you have to use both hands. Is there a reason for complaint? At first glance, it’s nothing. But one of your hands frequently busy. Maybe you hold the handrail truck, keep it in a drink or food. Require two free hands for easy unlocking your phone! Is it too much precaution?

Concluding his critical narrative, Chris reminds us that this is just a personal opinion one of the bloggers. And Galaxy S5 there are things that he likes. This long duration of the phone without charge, and the Super AMOLED display with control saturation, and the camera (if you shoot it on a clear day), and ultra-fast 2A-charge, and the fact that the phone’s battery is removable, and the phone itself is quite resistant to different weather conditions . All these superb quality smartphone, alas, are outweighed by its “shortcomings.” Galaxy S5, certainly among the best , but not all users are willing to accept it for what it is.

Do you agree with the opinion of Chris Chavez that these eight deficiencies Samsung Galaxy S5 so much spoil the impression from a smartphone, as he said? And if it disadvantages or just minor annoying things, which makes no sense to think?