64 Bit Exynos processor ready for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 12:25pm by Huzoor Bux

It’s been a while since Samsung, through the head of the mobile division JK Shin said that the next generation will be a 64 bit processor. Devices equipped However, calling something one thing, do something else. Yet it seems that this processor is indeed ready for use – yes! – The  Samsung Galaxy S5 .


At least that’s what the Korean publication ITToday know to report. The new Exynos processor 6 Octa – with eight cores that can be used simultaneously – is based on a 64 bit architecture, and as well as ready to use. At this point, Samsung adhere particularly concerned with the logistics of the chip, as naturally a whole operation is to produce. During 2014 tens of millions

Moreover, the Exynos 6 Octa not only the first mobile processor from Samsung’s kitchen with a 64 bit architecture, but also manufactured on a 14 nanometer process.

So all this promises not only a leap in terms of computing power, but also a significant energy savings. According to reports, the new chip while using eight cores but half the energy used by the current Exynos processor 5 Octa burned (with only four cores in action).

In fact, there now remains only one really relevant detail open: will the next version of the Android operating system – 4.4 number, nickname KitKat – indeed the 64 bit architecture of the Exynos 6 support? Cautious rumors whisper of it , but certainly we know her say this only once Google is going to do. And then hopefully we do not have long to wait (next week, maybe ?).