6 Conspicuous Tips and Tricks To Efficiently Design With Photoshop

Posted on May 20 2015 - 8:42am by Samuel Dawson

Adobe Photoshop is a popular designing software that has overhauled the way we design. Whether you are creating layouts for mobile apps or websites, Photoshop offers a slew of worthy features that make it stand ahead of its competitors.

This amazing software comes complete with an array of blissful tools that can help you express your creativity on a digital screen. You can efficiently revamp the look and feel of an existing image via this platform or create your dream design with a flair.

6 Conspicuous Tips and Tricks To Efficiently Design With Photoshop

The Photoshop is a fabulous design tool that is used in the design industry to deliver impressive designs. If you are a rookie designer and want to learn the effective tips and tricks to create outstanding designs, it is worth to read below.

In this article, I have shared a few incredibly useful tips to improve designing with Photoshop. Let’s explore them and create astonishing designs.

  1. For Exporting Layers

Most designers like to stack their creative designs for later use, for instance, one may like to save his well-designed layers and use them as and when desired. However, choosing a suitable image by exploring numerous images that feature similar dimensions could be a daunting task. Because, for this one has to go through each layer one by one. Luckily, there is a great way that allows one to export the layers to a file by implementing a script of Photoshop known as Export Layers to Files. With this script, you can create a new file to only save the image objects.

This can be done by selecting a file that is available in the editor’s window, and clicking on the Export Layers to Files option under the Scripts tab. This will save all the document layers in a separate file with a name similar to your layer.

  1. For Changing The Unit Of Measurement

While designing, one often needs to change the measurement units as per the requirements. There is a shortcut for switching the units. Simply, keep the cursor on any ruler, right click on that ruler and choose a desired unit from the available options. You can open and hide the ruler by using the shortcut “Ctrl + R” buttons. This will help you stay productive and design conveniently.

  1. For Scaling Layer Styles

You may also like to enlarge or abbreviate the layer styles while designing. For this, you can use the scaling effect on your layer styles. You just need to right click on a suitable layer and choose the option Scale Effects.

  1. For Sorting Layers via Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also sort your layers by using the keyboard shortcuts. This will help you rapidly create your designs without putting in a lot of time. Here are a few Photoshop shortcuts that can enhance your workflow.

  • To move a layer up: select that layer and press Command + [
  • To move a layer down: select that layer and press Command + ]
  • To move multiple layers to the top of its layer group: press Command + Shift + [
  • To move multiple layers to the bottom of its layer group: press Command + Shift + ]
  1. While Working with the Adjustment Layers

The Adjustment Layers allow one to doodle with the attributes of an image in a desired fashion. For instance, if you want to tweak the contrast or modify the color of an image, the adjustment layers can be used. It can be accessed from the Layers Panel. The most amazing benefit of implementing the Adjustment Layer is that it doesn’t deploy the changes to the original image, but creates a copy of that layer and then make the chosen changes. Therefore, you can compare the original and modified images and determine which adjustment is enhancing the design.

  1. For Transforming Point Type Into Area Type

You may add either a character (aka Point Type) or paragraph (aka Area Type) in a Photoshop document. For adding a Point Type text, the Photoshop Type tool can be used. It may also be used for integrating a larger text block, but it makes it appear unorganized. The Area Type can be used for adding certain text within some pre-defined area. Thus, one often prefers converting the Point Type to Area Type. To smoothly convert it,

  • click on the option Layer and Type
  • then, click on the corresponding tab Convert to Paragraph Text.

These tips and tricks will help you proficiently design in Photoshop and create innovative layouts. Take these key points into account and deliver a creative design pattern while augmenting the productivity and design quality.