5 things that would not have made ​​Jobs, and Apple makes

Posted on Jan 22 2015 - 7:47am by Huzoor Bux

5 things that would not have made ​​Jobs, and Apple makes

Recently there was news that the new iPad gigantic proportions will appear along with a stylus (a bunch of patents which previously surfaced on the web). The public is indignant: “How can that be? Well, Steve is not like styli … “. Well, a lot of things Jobs did not like, and Apple now nevertheless does so. What, for example?

For example, the small plates . I remember that in 2010 the head of the company publicly expressed the view that the 10-inch iPad is ideal for applications that writes CNN.com. Products with a smaller diagonal screen, according to a businessman, will not allow developers to “turn around”, and even that on a smaller display images appear sharper, will not help small gadgets become popular. “There are certain restrictions on how close you can place any item on the screen so the user can confidently click on them,” – he said.

Nevertheless, Apple has managed to overcome the limitations, and for the third iPad mini to please its owners and helps the manufacturer to put financial records.

Also the late co-founder of the company was against large phones . During the presentation of iPhone 4 in 2010, he even mocked them, and when a reporter asked Jobs about whether the vendor is not going to make a big device, Steve called the Samsung Galaxy S «hammers.” “You can not so easy to hold in one hand. No one will buy it. ”

Well, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus proved that keep the phone in your hand and you can buy it also makes sense. It is thanks to the huge screen trends are incredible demand, and people have on average more reading .

Another “fad” Jobs was a plausible design . Innovator wanted shelves in the iBookstore were made ​​as if made ​​of wood, and pads for quick notes reminiscent of traditional moleskin. It was fun, familiar and even beautiful, but a year after the death of the head of Apple manufacturer sacked chief development iOS Scott Forstalla and planned a coup – the creation of completely devoid of sentimentality naturalistic design iOS 7. Many swearing, cursing, and then used to and even thought, was slightly worse.

When Jobs returned to Apple after the exile (in 1997), the first thing he did as the new CEO, was a rejection of charity: no help to the poor, orphaned, the poor, the needy, the main thing – the return of the vendor profitability. When profitability has been recovered, charitable programs, however, have not been returned. Tim Cook decided to rectify the current situation and immediately after the entry into the highest office began to introduce new philanthropic initiatives and to revive old, incidentally began to fight for the equality of different social groups.

Fifth, finishing, paragraph will, of course, a stylus, so unloved our beloved Steve. Of course, from Cupertino has not yet left even a single stylus, but if he suddenly (though “suddenly” impossible – rumors have long wagon) appears, it will probably be the strongest deviation from the ideals of the ideological mastermind Apple. “Who needs a stylus? They need to take, and then put back, yet they are lost permanently. Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use the stylus! <…> God has given us 10 styluses, let’s not invent yet! “- The mildest of what Jobs said about this small elongated object.

Will Apple against the will of the founding father? Not excluded. Will it be justified? In the case of a 12-inch tablet, maybe yes: all the same product as the tool is supposed to work, and that many, many different actions, not all of which actually run your fingers … Do I need a tablet is so huge – it is a separate issue.