13 Questions and answers about the Galaxy S3: MicroSIM, battery life, and more

Posted on May 14 2012 - 5:10am by Huzoor Bux

List of thirteen common questions, and of course the answers. The answers come directly from people who have the device already in use.

  1. Does the Samsung Galaxy S3 MicroSIM slot? Yes – you need to get a MicroSIM card, order, or even cut to the appliance.
  2. The device as it wobbles on the table, because the rounded shapes? No, the device is stable on his back.
  3. Does Pop-up Play time? Yes, even during games, you keep watching HD video (or this is useful is another matter).
  4. How does the wireless charging? The wireless charging does not default to a Samsung Galaxy S3 – requires a special tailgate needed, at the loading station will be delivered.
  5. Is the notification LED programmable? Partly: notifications in the settings can be switched on or off.
  6. Stay Smart Works (the feature where the screen stays on as long as you face it) forever? Smart Stay The user can be switched on and off.
  7. Is the Galaxy S3 really expensive (700 euros)? Of course not, that’s just the price. For current prices see HERE .
  8. Is the headset that comes with your device right? Yes, this is properly called. To be precise, which is the same even if the Galaxy note included.
  9. Is there a physical camera button present? Unfortunately, peanut butter. (Not so)
  10. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite large – the device still fits in my pocket? Sure, no problem – exceptions (petite, small women with tight pants) apart.
  11. How is the battery life of the S3? Experience with test devices indicates that this is comparable to that of the Galaxy Note – more so than that of the Galaxy S2, but as yet we do not expect records.
  12. Should the battery be removed to the microSD and SIM card out of it? No, the device is designed so that both a microSD card if the SIM card can be removed without the battery out.
  13. How is the speaker of the device? A lot better than that of the Galaxy S2.

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